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If you have reached the PCAUSA Rawether for Windows website it is likely that you are a Microsoft Windows software developer looking for answers to some apparently simple questions:

bulletHow can I send and receive RAW Ethernet packets from my Win32 application?
bulletHow can I query and set NDIS adapter driver information from my Win32 application?

You may also have some additional requirements in mind:

bulletI would like a solution that will work on all current Microsoft Windows platforms.
bulletI would like a solution that does not require Windows device driver programming.
bulletI would like the flexibility of using either the 'C' or the .NET Framework development environment.

You may also be a Windows device driver developer asking:

bulletWhere can I find NDIS protocol driver samples that are well debugged and actively supported across all current Windows platforms?
bulletWhere can I find samples that show how to install and uninstall an applications and a companion NDIS protocol driver?

If these are your questions and your requirement, then we hope that the PCAUSA Rawether for Windows product will satisfy your needs.


About Rawether...

Rawether for Windows is a fifth-generation framework for development of Windows products that allow a user-mode application to "directly" access NDIS network interface card (NIC) drivers from Win32 applications. Rawether was originally introduced in 1997 (in the Windows 9X and Windows NT 4.0 timeframe...) and has been in continuous distribution since then.

Rawether uses NDIS protocol drivers that act as a "relay" between an application and the NDIS miniport driver. Using Rawether for Windows your application can send and receive raw Ethernet packets on a selected miniport and can make NDIS requests to query and set a miniport's information.

The Rawether framework consists several components including a user mode API export DLL and several supporting platform-specific NDIS protocol drivers. Together these components function as a "bridge" between your user mode application and the kernel mode NIC driver.

In most cases the presence of the supporting NDIS protocol drivers is transparent to your application; they are installed once when you application is installed and started automatically when needed.

In terms of the current Microsoft Windows Driver Kit (WDK) samples Rawether can be loosely compared to the NDISPROT sample. Unlike the NDISPROT "sample", Rawether already includes many of the features that you would need.

Once your application has been developed using the Rawether SDK it is important that you develop an OEM version of the Rawether drivers. This is important to prevent collision with other Rawether-based applications. If you license the Rawether DDK then you have complete sources and can create your own OEM driver packages. If you licensed only the Rawether SDK or you need assistance in creating a Rawether OEM driver package, then PCAUSA can perform this service at a reasonable cost.

Here are some of the key features of Rawether for Windows:

Rawether Windows Platform Support

The Rawether API allows you to write one application that can be use with little or no change across all of these platforms:

bulletWindows XP
bulletWindows Server 2003
bulletWindows Vista
bulletWindows 7
bulletWindows 8
bulletWindows 8.1
bulletWindows Server 2008
bulletWindows Server 2012
bulletSupports Windows x64 Editions (AMD 64)

This means that you can write one application that can be used with little or no change across all of the supported platforms.

Using Rawether for Win32 Application Development

Rawether for Windows is intended to be used for Win32 application development without the the need to modify the stock Rawether NDIS protocol drivers. A large number of Rawether for Windows SDK users are highly successful without ever examining the NDIS driver code.

The heart of Rawether is a uniform Win32 application program interface (API) called the "Win32 NDIS" API or the "Rawether API" exported by the DLL. You build your application by linking to the DLLs import library and compiling with header files provided with the Rawether Software Development Kit (SDK).  Your applications are built under Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

Rawether for Windows includes:

bulletFunctional API using 'C' Exported Functions
bulletEfficient Packet Receive API (Minimize lost packets)
bulletMake NDIS Requests to Query and Set OIDs
bulletTutorial Win32 API Samples
bulletUsually 'C' Console Applications
bulletAdvanced Win32 Samples
bulletMFC Applications such as NDIScope
bulletIllustrate use of many 802.11 OIDs.

In addition, the Rawether runtime components are intended to be distributed under a royalty-free license.

Although the executables NDIS protocol driver provided with Rawether should not be distributed as-is with your product, your Rawether license allows you to make your own "OEM version" of the drivers by renaming the driver and its device and symbolic link names and the driver copyright and rebuilding using the Microsoft WDK. (Alternatively PCAUSA can make a Rawether OEM version for your company for a reasonable cost.)

Your Rawether OEM version can be safely installed side-by with other Rawether-based products.

Using Rawether for Special-Purpose NDIS Protocol Driver Development

Rawether for Windows is also for driver developers. If you order the Rawether for Windows Professional package then you receive sources to the Rawether drivers for all the supported Windows platforms.

Some Rawether customers make modification to the drivers (e.g., add GPS timestamp, other special requirements). Other customers adopt methods illustrated in the Rawether drivers into their own proprietary drivers.

Driver Installation

Rawether V6.0 drivers are installed using signed driver packages. A utility is provided that automates driver installation so manual interaction with the Network Control Panel is not required. The Rawether drivers are signed by PCAUSA - not by WHQL. This means that a permission prompt will be displayed during the driver installation process.

Managed Code

A basic .NET Framework API written in C# (called "Rawether .NET" of course...) is also available. The Rawether .NET API provides a rich and uniform programming  interface across all Windows platforms that support the .NET Framework.

Rawether .NET Information .

No Recurring Royalties

Rawether for Windows is provided with a simple turn-key license that includes the ability to redistribute your application and the renamed Rawether runtime components in executable form with no recurring royalties.

Product pricing does vary based on the length of time that technical support and product updates will be provided. The "basic" editions include 90 days of technical support and updates, while the "subscription" editions include one year of support and updates.


Where To Go From Here...

Rawether Product Tour 

If this is your visit to the Rawether website, then we suggest that you take the Rawether Product Tour. The Tour is intended to provide you with more information about the problem of accessing NDIS NIC drivers from Win32 and the solution that Rawether for Windows offers. 

Take the Rawether Tour...


Rawether Product Central

Rawether Product Central is the main Rawether for Window product page. There you will find links to all of the important information about Rawether for Windows.

Visit Rawether Central...


What's New in the Most Recent Release

The most recent update to Rawether for Windows is V6.1.00.02 of December 4, 2013. This release is targeted to the Windows 7/8/8.1 platform and use of Visual Studio 2010 for application development. This release does continue to support Windows XP and Windows Vista. However, support for Windows 2000 has been dropped.

Catch up on the fixes and enhancements in the latest Rawether update.

Latest Rawether Release Information...


Other PCAUSA Products

PCAUSA provides additional product offerings in the area of specialized network software development toolkits for the Microsoft Windows platforms.

These include:

bullet NDIS Filter Driver Samples for Windows XP through Windows 7/8/8.1

Please visit the PCAUSA website!


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